Battlefront Parenting – Dream or Vision?

Peace War Keys Showing No Conflict Or Aggression

Your Vision Can Become a Reality–Trust Him and Just Take the Next Step.

I remember distinctly that I did my best parenting before I had kids.

I remember going through the grocery store seeing a kid throw a hissy-fit over candy in the isle.  My kid will never do that! Read more

Do Your Kids Understand Compassion–Especially Your Boys?


Sending out an email to the neighborhood watch list for our missing cat, I hoped someone would help us find Sniper soon.  Typically this  sit-by-the-corner-of-the-house-waiting-for-someone-to-open-the-door critter didn’t stray far from home.  Most of the time she’d sit on the steps waiting for the birds to swoop into our backyard for a game of chase then she’d hop to the kitchen windowsill waiting to be let in.  This time I’ll admit I was getting concerned.  Three days missing was a rare event, especially as the temperature was dropping.  Surely someone in the neighborhood would spot her. Read more