What? Freedom with Boundaries?

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I listened as my friend lamented her situation.  She was having parent struggles.  Not issues between her and her children, mind you, but issues between her and her parents.  The issues were not only impacting her but affecting her kids as well. Read more

Teaching Teens To Recognize God in Their Day-To-Day

Beautiful wild colorful butterfly resting on plant. Insect macro.

Gently taking the bottom off the two-liter, it was easy to explain God to my then six year old son.  With anticipation and a little sadness, we released his butterfly into our flower garden hoping it would stay close at least for a few days.  Matt had watched this creature grow and mature through each stage of metamorphosis with the expectation of a beautiful butterfly.  We weren’t disappointed.  As wings unfurled, we recognized with excitement, it was all we had hoped it would be. Read more

What Kind of Men Will Your Daughters Marry?


A college professor at a Christian university posted this slide in an Old Testament class.  It went viral on Facebook. Read more