Meet Debbie Hitchcock! Debbie joined Greater Impact Ministries in 2008 with a passionHitchcock34-cropped for taking the ministry’s training method and applying it to a parenting course. What she had discovered when she took their Daughters of Sarah marriage course was that not only did it make her good marriage even better, but as she started applying the concepts and skills with her teenagers, deeper relationships started to materialize.  “Trust was built in ways I had never experienced before.  Our relationships emerged into something so much better than I thought possible during the teen years. My kids even started seeking me out and confiding in me with their struggles.  We laughed and cried, together.”   

She believes that God has intricately woven all her life experiences for this ministry and God used Daughters of Sarah to help her realize His plan.  Serving in the capacity of Operations Director for the ministry, Debbie’s corporate experience as a Human Resources Manager and Leadership trainer for a Fortune 10 company gave her the unique qualifications to help the organization grow. In addition, Debbie joins Nina Roesner as a facilitator for  Daughters of Sarah and she and her husband Dave are the trainers for Generations, Greater Impact’s course for parents.

Debbie and her husband Dave have been married since 1978 and have 4 20-somethings.  In addition to writing and training, Debbie enjoys mentoring women to be Titus 2 leaders.  

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  1. Nicole
    Nicole says:

    Thank you, Debbie, for continuing on with your ministry. Your words these last few weeks have been even more impactful for me, knowing that you have endured much disappointment and heartache these last several years. As a mother of 10, ages 12-30, almost all with extremely strong wills, and one in particular who has himself in quite a mess now due to poor choices as a 20-something in college, your words ring true and bring encouragement to my soul.

    I pray for you, Debbie, asking the Lord to comfort you with His peace and for Him to continue to give you words of wisdom to share with the rest of us. Parenting is certainly very challenging. It’s a blessing to walk through it alongside other moms who desire to honor the Lord and who can share our burdens, offer wise counsel, and lift us in prayer.

    Many blessings,

    one of your grateful fans from East Texas

    • Debbie
      Debbie says:

      Nicole, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. My mind is easily side-tracked these days trying to figure out my new normal. Thank you for the encouragement and for the prayers. You are right in that parenting is a challenge and I can’t imagine trying dealing with 10. God bless you as you do His work in your home! I’m sure each day brings a new adventure and many trials. Just cling to Him in the midst of it all. God is in control even when we wish things were different. I’ve been relishing in His faithfulness during these past few weeks. Blessings to you!


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