How to Teen-Proof Your Marriage

  Yeah, I know! The only way to truly teen-proof your marriage is to never have kids in the first place. But now that they are here, what do you do? Obviously, locking our cute little fourth and fifth graders in their room until they are responsible adults is not an option. The tween and […]

Remember or Dismember?

Something our pastor said this week really got my attention. “The opposite of ‘remember’ is not necessarily ‘forget’; it’s dismember.”

The Respect Dare – Dare 17 – This is Scary Stuff! – For Parents of Tweens & Teens

Sitting in the Generations Class, Felicia had her homework assignment. She just didn’t know how comfortable she felt doing it. Ask my 12 and 15 year old to give me feedback on how I react to them during the day…especially in times of conflict? She just knew it was certainly going to be a time […]

Dare 16 – The Respect Dare – For Parents of 20-Somethings

Melanie lay across the university lawn excited yet tentative. She couldn’t wait until finals were over…one more to go and she would be finished with the semester. Yet she wasn’t ready to leave the university. She loved the comradery of being with the other kids not to mention the independence of doing what she wanted […]

Dare 14 – The Respect Dare – Communicating on an Adult Level with Your 20-Something

Terri caught herself doing it again. “Just listen,” she thought to herself. “Don’t offer advice; don’t ask too many questions.” Jake, her 22 year old, had gone into his silent mode, yet again. Right in the middle of his story, he just stopped talking. He was annoyed with her. It was his way of getting […]

Dare 13 – The Respect Dare – Best Gift You Can Give Your 20-Something

Having had four teenagers under one roof at the same time, I know what it was like to literally feel as though every second was accounted for. I took my role as Mom seriously having given up a corporate job when my kids were little. For me, motherhood became a passion, a calling that I […]