5 Actions to Take When You Can’t Believe Who Your Kids Are Hanging Out With!

Dare 26

It’s tough as a parent when our kids choose to hang out with what we might refer to as “unsavory” characters.  Whether it is the need to feel included or a desire to test the waters of independence, most kids are more likely than not to choose friends that are not necessarily a good influence […]

The Respect Dare – Dare 6 – For Parents of Tweens & Teens

Sitting in a room full of women during a Daughters of Sarah course on marriage, I kept thinking about my relationship with my three teens and my soon to be teenager. Nina Roesner was talking about “random acts of kindness” and how we could show our husbands respect through the little things we did for […]

A Thief?!?!

Jolted from my silence by the interruption of the telephone, I heard Linda’s voice on the other end. “Debbie, please walk me through this. I’m scared! Jeremy is in trouble. I don’t know what to do! Can you come over right away and walk me through this? Hurry, the police are expecting me.” Without thinking […]