Feeling Overwhelmed As A Parent? 10 Things You Might Consider.

Dare #8

Whether it be the lack of sleep during the infant and toddler years or the fear of what our kids are doing during the teen years or early 20’s, at some point in the journey we’re likely to feel overwhelmed as a parent.  For many of us we’ve been conditioned to be energizer bunnies; “we keep going […]

3 Things to Consider with Rules and Consequences

Parents often ask me if I think a specific consequence is appropriate for a given situation with their kids.  They wonder if it is too harsh or too lenient or tied enough to the offense.  Inevitably the conversation transpires into the “rules” that have been established and why they are there. The question I typically ask is […]

Dare 22 – The Respect Dare – A Gift for You and Your 20-Somethings

Marian walked into the basement looking at all the boxes. Her kids were grown and no longer lived at home, but their stuff still had residence. Not only were there memories galore, but college textbooks, furniture she had saved for their first apartments, and even clothes that her girls had not wanted to part with. […]

The Respect Dare – Dare 19—Waiting for God to Show Up? — For Parents of Twenty-Somethings

For those of you who have been following my blog lately, I owe you an apology. And I need to say thank you for hanging in here with me. I promised to blog at least twice a week, but instead… My Life Got Put on Hold! Again! Over two years ago, I woke up to […]

The Respect Dare – Dare 19 – How Do I Respond? – For Parents of Tweens & Teens

Loraine was trying to fully grasp what was coming out of her son’s mouth. Even more so, she knew what she was feeling, but she didn’t know quite how to respond. She decided it was probably better to just listen; ask questions and listen. “Mom, you remember Rae Jean Reynolds from my Sunday School class […]

Dare 5 – The Respect Dare – Is My Mouth in Check?

Karissa went into the guest bedroom, tears welling up within her. “Why did I even come? I love her, but I hate being around her!” she thought to herself. “Why is it that I can graduate from college with honors, go to work every day and get accolades for a job well done, be up […]