Remember or Dismember?

Something our pastor said this week really got my attention. “The opposite of ‘remember’ is not necessarily ‘forget’; it’s dismember.”

Dare 20 – The Respect Dare – How do I Respect My 20-Something?

I was absolutely elated! The phone call had finally come! “We’ve been able to move your son’s appointment up to July. Will that work?” “Absolutely! You really did get him in for July? This is great! I was beginning to doubt this would even be a possibility! Thank you.” As I started listening to the […]

Dare 12 – The Respect Dare – It’s Not About ME? – For Parents of Tweens & Teens

Cornered as we walked into church on Sunday morning, I watched another mom reach out to my junior high son just steps ahead of me. “Not so fast,” she murmured, “we need to talk with your mom.” Not even allowing him to speak, she ushered my 13 year old son over to me. I watched […]

The Respect Dare – Dare One

Expectations! I can tell you emphatically that I have them for my kids. I can’t tell you my entire list of all my expectations for my tweens and teens because there wouldn’t be enough space to list them! You know the drill…Keep your room clean, don’t talk back to me, don’t fight with your siblings, […]

Go For the Wall

On the way home, 12 year old Matt looked at me and said, “Mom, I don’t want to swim this summer! I’m done!” “Matt, you’ve always loved swimming! You’ve broken several meet records. Your coach says you have the ability to make it to the top. Why would you give that up?” “It’s boring. I […]