Holiday Craze?

This morning is my new reality. The craziness of Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone and now it’s time to regroup. Do I freeze the leftover turkey, or have leftovers yet again?!? Do I really want the next holiday to come? Maybe I’ll sneak in a nap this afternoon…or at least sit down with that book I’ve been hoping to read.

But then my reality hit.

As I got up this morning, the first words out of my teen’s mouth to me were, “Don’t forget, Mom, it’s CyberMonday!”

But I want to forget…

I haven’t recouped from Thanksgiving yet!! How can I even begin to think about Christmas just a few weeks away?

We had dinner with out-of-town relatives who came in after the holiday this year…

And we talked about Christmas Cards that were already stamped to go out in today’s mail.

And we talked about how all the Christmas Shopping was already done. Not wrapped…but bought.

And we talked about the plans already in motion for Christmas.

AND I SAT THERE FEELING LIKE A FAILURE!!! Like I was in the middle of a holiday hangover and people were still ready to party on…

And I’ve decided to do something a little different this year.

Tonight at dinner, with immediate family only, we’re putting together a “family” Christmas calendar. We’re going to talk about the most important family tradition to each of us…and we are going to schedule it on the calendar…and order tickets…or plan to purchase whatever we need for the event. We’re going to look at all those typically “expected” holiday commitments, and see if we really want to attend them…or respectfully decline.

As wives and mothers, I encourage you to set the stage for this year’s Christmas season. It seems like we’re on the docket to “make it all happen” each and every year. What kind of atmosphere are we trying to create? What meaningful reminders of what the season is truly about can we weave into each activity?

I’d be willing to bet that what you want this year is a simpler, less stressful holiday, while maintaining some sense of family tradition. Remember the true reason for the holiday.

Isaiah 19:14

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given…And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father


Today’s dare is simple:

DARE YOU to share and encourage each other. What do you do to keep the holidays simple? What do you do to minimize the stress? How do you grow traditions in your family, while respecting each individual’s idea of what the holiday should be?

Hoping to emulate the Prince of Peace this holiday season!

“Let go…and let God.”


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